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核心提示:建筑師巧妙的將公園、園區的肌理以及不遠處停靠著的戰艦的圓滑曲線結合到設計之中。Penn Capital管理公司占據了頂層26000平方英尺的空間,而其余則歸屬于自由物業信托所有。
 投資公司Penn Capital 管理公司搬入了Intrepid大街1200號,這棟由自由物業信托與Synterra Partners聯合投資,BIG于費城的第一座建筑。獨樹一幟的雙曲線立面與巨大的“潛望鏡”中庭為這所來自哥本哈根和紐約事務所在美國落成的第二座建筑增添上獨特的氣息。BIG第一座位于美國的紐約的商住建筑VIA 57 West正式開放,并一舉奪得了由高層建筑與城市居住空間委員會所頒發的2016年美國最佳高層建筑大獎。

The investment management firm Penn Capital Management Company, Inc. has moved into 1200 Intrepid, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group’s first Philadelphia building, developed by joint venture Liberty Property Trust & Synterra Partners. The dramatic building with a double-curved facade and gigantic periscope marks the second completion on American soil for the Copenhagen and New York City-based architecture firm. BIG celebrated its first finished project in the US, the mixed-use “Courtscraper” VIA 57 West, which has been named The Best Tall Building in the Americas by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) as part of its 2016 Tall Buildings Awards.
這座位于Intrepid大街1200號的建筑總面積高達92000平方英尺,是費城南部濱水企業園區Navy Yard中的新成員。建筑的一側是Navy Yard港口水域,另一側則眺望著由James Corner Field事務所打造的中央綠地公園。建筑師巧妙的將公園、園區的肌理以及不遠處停靠著的戰艦的圓滑曲線結合到設計之中。Penn Capital管理公司占據了頂層26000平方英尺的空間,而其余則歸屬于自由物業信托所有。

The 92,000-square-foot office building at 1200 Intrepid Avenue is located at the Navy Yard Corporate Center, a master-planned development within the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Situated between the Navy Yard’s basin and the award-winning Central Green Park designed by James Corner Field Operations, the four-story building inherits features from the circular park and Navy Yard master plan, as well as from the curved bows of the battleships docked a few blocks away. Penn Capital occupies 26,000 square-feet of the building’s top floor. The remaining space is still available for lease by Liberty Property Trust.
“盡管Navy Yard園區中有著不少精心設計的建筑,但Intrepid 1200號仍獨樹一幟,同時也得到了客戶的贊賞。”自由物業信托副主席Brian Cohen說到。“BIG優雅而深思熟慮的設計為其使用者創造了一個高效而前沿,坐擁無敵景觀視野的工作空間,同時也兼顧了建筑與臨側公園的呼應關系。我們很高興能為正在Navy Yard園區中尋找空間的公司們提供這樣一個極具吸引力的辦公場所。”
“1200 Intrepid now stands among the many uniquely designed buildings at the Navy Yard, and has been very well received by prospective customers,” said Brian Cohen, Vice President and city manager for building owner and developer, Liberty Property Trust. “BIG’s beautiful and thoughtful design provides its occupants a high performance and progressive work environment in a building which offers spectacular views and engages with Central Green Park. We are very excited to offer such an exceptional building in the marketplace for companies looking to relocate to the Navy Yard.”

Curved around the street on ground level, 1200 Intrepid’s front façade is created by the strategic stacking of High Concrete’s precast panels of varying sizes, figured in a basket-weave pattern to realize the top of the building’s straight edge. As the panels reach upward they also tilt outward, creating an inviting, cave-like canopy over the building’s front sidewalk. Each of the building’s other three sides stand straight up, maintaining the structure’s signature paneling.
Bjarke Ingel表示Intrepid 1200號是對中央綠地中環形路徑的致敬。而其“潛望鏡”中庭則呼應了Navy Yard園區沉淀的海事歷史,讓使用者與到訪者都能在建筑中一睹遠處船只的風采。同時,貫穿上下的中庭也最大化了陽光的引入,讓位于中部的辦公室也能沐浴在自然光下,也在保持各空間獨立性的同時,加強了彼此間的空間與視覺聯系。
Speaking on 1200 Intrepi, Bjarke Ingel revealed that the design was conceived as a compliment to the park’s circular running paths. In honor of the Navy Yard’s maritime history, 1200 Intrepid’s lobby features a periscope through which building tenants and visitors are offered a view of the ships docked in the water nearby. The building’s center is open all the way through to allow for maximum light exposure to each center-bordering office, and to represent an office-wide unity while maintaining each individual space’s privacy.

The “shock wave” of the public space spreads like rings in the water, invading the footprint of the building to create a generous urban canopy at the entrance. The resultant double-curved facade echoes the complex yet rational geometries of maritime architecture. Inside, the elevator lobby forms an actual periscope, allowing people to admire the mothballed ships at the adjacent docks.

The building has received LEED® Gold certification. Its precast concrete panels helped reach this goal by enhancing energy efficiency through their dense mass. High Concrete’s panels employ a variety of manufacturing benefits, including local manufacture using locally sourced materials, the use of recycled and recyclable content, and the reduction of construction waste.
建筑設計:BIG(Bjarke Ingels Group)
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客戶:Liberty Property Trust
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